Rad-Cam builds an ultra low vibration, ultra low emission, fuel efficient, moderate RPM internal combustion 2 cycle gasoline engine that will radically change the following industries: ultra light aircraft, small motorcycles, personal watercraft, RV and small electric generators and snowmobiles.


Rad-Cam achieves high efficiencies and low emissions from an internal combustion piston engine using extended piston dwell time at Top Dead Center to create a fixed volume environment for a complete burn of a ultra-lean fuel to air mixture. 



  Rad-Cam (radial cam) engine design achieves efficiencies by having a high power to weight ratio, being nearly 100% dynamically balanced, high torque at low RPM, multiple paired components working equal and opposite each other that produce less vibration with less stress and wear on each individual component. 



  UPDATE:6/16/03 - R8600 is running!!! RPMs have been taken upto 2300 during break-in. Idles well at 500 RPMs, Great throttle response. Runs very smooth! Preformance data to be published at a later date. See link below for pictures of the test runs.


We call this one the R8600. 600cc displacement, case ported reed valves, longer stroke, built in intake manifold with impeller, pressurized oil system, and a new cam shape that has been extensively simulated and computer refined. All the parts on this engine have been made as they would be in production. Hardened and ground where needed etc..


This engine is designed to put out 60 hp @ 3000 rpm and should weigh in at 65 lbs ready to run.