Type:    4-cylinder, 4 stroke, in-line, liquid cooled, overhead camshaft, normally aspirated

Power output:  125 hp (93.2 kw) at propeller flange Horsepower Comparison Chart

Displacement:  1590 cc (97.0 in3)

Bore:   75 mm (2.95 in)

Stroke:   84.6 mm (3.33 in)

Direction of Rotation:  Clockwise (facing of propeller flange)

Cooling:   Water-glycol mixture.  Water pump driven by camshaft belt

Block:   One piece aluminum with re-borable cast iron liners

Crankshaft:   Fully girdled, hardened, 5 main precision bearings

Lubrication:  Full pressure, internal gear type pump, wet sump

Ignition:   High energy mulitspark electronic CD ignition

Carburation:  Muliport sequential electronic fuel injection

Reduction System:  100mm (3.93 in) HTD Cog Belt

Reduction Ratio:  2.4:1(6000 rpm engine/2500 rpm propeller) (6500 engine/2700 propeller)

Oil Type:  5W30 Synthetic

Oil Quantity:  3.5 litres (3.7 US quarts)

Weight:  247 lbs (112.8 kg)

Dimensions:  H-23"   L-331/4"   W-211/2"

Fuel Required:  90 Octane unleaded, minimum (R + M)/2 Can also use 100LL aviation gasoline

Cylinder Head:  One piece, aluminum, cross flow design, 16 valve and VTEC variable valve timing

Compression Ratio:  9.2:1

Camshaft:  Cast alloy, head treated, parkerized

Alternator:   60 Amp belt drive

Specific Fuel Consumption:  0.43 lb/bhp/hr at 70% power

Starting System:  Electric gear reduction starter